Therapy is not just about healing from pain, it’s about awakening to the life you desire.

Habits, patterns, and histories continue to write our story. We keep doing what we’ve always done because quite frankly it’s etched in our brain. I approach healing and living by empowering people to choose the story they want to write about their life, and then teach them how to do it. Life is about energy, and recognizing the energy of your life is the first step in creating change. It’s growing to understand that your thoughts are running your life. And you have the power to change those thoughts.

What is the energy of your life?

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How to be Genuinely Happy, is a state of being, a practice that is powered by thought, energy, and action.

It’s an intention of the mind fueled by what you do or don’t do.

Everyone has a life story, and you will keep living that story until you rewrite the script in your brain.

Genuinely Happy will teach you exactly how to do that.

  • Learn about the biochemistry of the brain and how to make it work for you
  • Grow to understand the power and energy of your thoughts
  • Learn how to hold happiness regardless of past or present events

The mind and thought are powerful, and they are subconsciously running your life. Genuinely Happy will teach you how to transform your way of thinking and break patterns that are limiting your joy.

Genuinely Happy is filled with stories, guides and information that will lead you to a more fulfilled and happy life.

Praise for Genuinely Happy

“Genuinely Happy is a deeply wise, practical, and heartfelt guide for authentic lasting happiness. Each page is full of inspiration, hope, and useful suggestions. Grounded in science and soaring with soulfulness, this is s lovely, important, helpful book”.

Rick Hanson, PhD,
Author of Resilient: How to grow an unshakable core of calm, strength, and happiness

My Philosophy

Life presents each of us with difficulties at one time or another and asking for help during these times is not easy. Working through life struggles can be freeing and transforming. I have a passionate commitment to the field of therapy and to the clients with whom I work. Therapy is about growth, change and transformation. It is true that the only constant in all of life is change and I view the therapeutic process as an opportunity to assist and enhance those life changes.