I genuinely believe this life is a gift,

and every day I look for that gift in nature and in loving others

My Passion

I have a passion for healing, personal growth and helping humans become their best self. There’s a simple technique that I use to prompt my brain to see the good in life (I also teach this as a skill in therapy). I wake each day and write three things for which I am grateful. Sometimes it’s as simple as I am grateful that I woke up that day. And as I  fall asleep each night,  I go through my day and recall three good things that happened. I do believe when you train yourself to see the good…more good stuff shows up. I have a passion for loving this life, and for helping others do the same.  

Tamela Duncan, LCSW

I love this earth; everything in the outdoors speaks to me.


Tamela Duncan, LCSW received her Master’s Degree from Florida State University and is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy. Prior to beginning private practice in 1992, she worked for seven years as a counselor in the Public Mental Health Sector. She has extensive training and experience working with anxiety, depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, sensory perception issues, self-esteem, anger management, relationship issues and personal growth.

Tamela is also trained in hypnotherapy, regression therapy, and neuroplasticity (brain science and development) as it relates to mental health. She is passionate about personal growth, confidence building and insight work utilizing consciousness and mindfulness as part of her therapeutic practice. She teaches meditation and provides workshops and lectures throughtout her community. Tamela’s focus is on enhancing the quality of life and her practice is tailored to meet the individual need.

Tamela is passionate about her work and the individual healing journey, and because of this she has written a book titled, “How to be Genuinely Happy”. She is a writer, musician and has a passionate love for the outdoors. Through her own passion and love of life, she has developed a wholistic approach to therapy incorporating mind, body, and soul connections. Her work incorporates therapeutic skill, scientific knowledge, and humanistic compassion. “Therapy is not just a place to vent about the pain of life, it’s an opportunity to create a higher quality of life. It’s a place to grow and soar…and cultivate a love of self and a lust for life”.

Music from the 70’s makes me feel happy inside.

I love peaceful mornings, long walks, and passionate conversation.

Delicious food and a warm smooth cup of coffee bring me joy.